Cultivating Healthy Relationships in Boys and Male Youth

Cultivating Healthy Relationships in Boys and Male Youth is a program created to address gender-based violence.

This program is designed to explore and strengthen relational skills in boys and male-identifying youth within their communities, amongst their peers, and most importantly, within themselves.

Positive social shifts related to consent and accountability require stronger interpersonal skills.

Relational skills are developed by exploring external influences in culture and society, within boys’ peer groups, and by exploring values and characteristics of healthy relationships.

Boys learn how to develop competencies related to rejection, self-awareness, consent, understanding power, and accountability. 

They develop the ability to manage and embrace discomfort, seek support from other men and boys, and develop shame resilience.

This kind of work has been done historically by women and gender nonbinary folks.

But men have an important role in ending gender based violence.

When you purchase this curriculum you get a 60 page PDF, with worksheets, and a 14 page graphic novel to guide participants through the program. 

We’re working toward a community with less violence.

You can help.

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